Magical Mystical Musical Journey-ish

gru dancing

Clearly still in adventurous  ‘con’ mode, I’ve made the bold step of selecting ‘shuffle all songs’ on my music player (why did I say music player just then as though I’m a music journo desperate to retain/demonstrate objectivity. It’s an iPhone. Everyone knows that. No one cares.) for my journey back to my beloved Leeds.

That’s right, I’m stepping away from my Wicked/Once More With Feeling/Across the Universe mix; temporarily moving away from the glorious safety of my Fleetwood Mac/Buckingham Nicks/Stevie Nicks playlist and outrightly rejecting the (numerous) Disney collection(s).

Yes, I grant you, it’s all still music I CHOSE in the first place; nevertheless it’s an adventure.

It’s. An. Adventure. I tell you.

Or it’s that I’m a bit lonely having left my bonkers con family & currently stuck on public transport all on my tod requiring some small measure of entertainment. *sad eyes*
Still Judgy McJudgerson? For shame!

wreck it ralph dancing

So, as they popped up, here are the songs!

Jeff Buckley – Dream Lover (alternative) – though in all honesty, it could have been any song of his at all and I’d be delighted.
What a great start!

Drop kick Murphies – I’m shipping up to Boston – ooh I love this one and so rarely listen to it!

The Waterboys – Love Song – bit slow but beautiful

Overture/Going through the Motions – audible guilt free Buffy. Not my fault the phone picked it!! Fine, I’ll forward it. *sulks*

W.B. Yates – the lake isle of Innisfree – not technically a song but I love the poem so I’m keeping it on.

M.I.A. – Y.A.L.A. – drat, I wish this had been Bad Girl

The Dixie Chicks – Landslide  – it’s a cover, so this time it is actually guilt free!

Paolo Nutini – Let me down easy – surprised it’s PN, I’m underawed.

Rudimental – Free – very catchy.

Sugar Ray Rodriguez – Street Boy – Damn. I almost wish this hadn’t come on. Now I just want to listen to the rest of the album!

Intricate Unit – Discharge

M.I.A. – Boys

Pitch Perfect – Cups – Still not irritating yet.

Tom Odell – Grow Old With Me – ooh, I do quite like his voice.

Snow Patrol – I won’t let you go

A Great Big World – RockStar – meh

Sniff ‘n’ the Tears – Drivers Seat

Dr Horrible – Story of a Girl

Laura Mvula – Father, Father – Gosh she’s good isn’t she? Why do I never listen to this album? {Dramatic voice} To be rectified soon!

Eurythmics – Here Comes The Rain Again

Cults – Bumper

Kari Kimmel – Black – Oooh, this is lovely. Must find more from her

The Beach Boys – Wouldn’t it be nice? – If you don’t like the Beach Boys, I kinda sorta genuinely think that you’re probably soulless. In a friendly non judgemental way.

Macklemore – Same Love – Why is this playing? Why is this on my phone? I find it fairly offensive actually.
I mean, it’s a nice idea – inclusive anthem and so on. Obviously it’s not the concept of equality I’m opposed to (that’s clear right?).
But…the execution… patronising (and celebratory of that fact) and so very poorly written. Like a 7 year old – not a prodigy one, just a regular one – wrote the lyrics.
You thought you were gay because you were tidy? Get lost.
You think gay people worry about hip hop (the musical genera) hating them? Sweet merciful Zeus.


The Civil Wars – Eavesdrop – Oh thank the gods. This should soothe the raging beast within.

Lee De Wyze – Breathing In – first heard on the Walking Dead soundtrack. Seriously fantastic.

The Lumineers – Gale Song

Savage Garden – I Want You – I remain incapable of not mouthing along the words to this, while doing that weird head boppy beat thing created (& perfected) in the late 90’s. You at it too?)

Lorde – Everybody wants to rule the world – Worst cover version EVER. I like Lorde (well, that one song I heard was proper catchy & she gives interesting sound bites) but this is SHOCKING!
And she’s mumbling. What’s the..oh I give up.

Rent (film ost) – Light my Candle – Siiiiigh. What a musical.

Birdy – Farewell and Goodnight

Rihanna – Rude Boy – Rihanna has a bad effect on me. For some reason my somewhat squishy & cosseted body thinks it can carry off dance moves that can only be described as…gangsta.
Definitive head nods as dance moves = check.
Lips pursed out as though I’ve just swallowed a lemon = check.
Hips moving with ‘tude in time to the best (sinful in modern dancing apparently) = check
A 32 year old woman making a tit out of herself = check

Nashville – If I didn’t know better

Clutch – Regulator

Joe Pug – The Great Despiser – After being recommended mr pug by @Lainibop, my brother & his missus and my dad; I naturally enough became hooked!

Olly Murs – Right place, right time – Instantly forgettable. He (?) may be a reality tv ‘discovery’? No, really, just guessing. It has that flavour of bland on bland.

We’re pulling into Leeds now. One song to go.

Carole King – Tapestry – I think we can safely consider this an epic WIN.

calvin and hobbes dancing

Listen along on spotify here


That was fun!


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