Radagast – More than Just Gandalf’s Brown Cousin (But Not Much More)

It's a Dangerous Business, Frodo

Though Radagast the Brown was hardly mentioned at all by Tolkien in any of his writings, he’s taken on a somewhat mythical role as a fan favorite. And why not? Though he’s possibly the “lowest” of the wizards, there’s something about him. Radagast was simultaneously out of touch and far ahead of this time. It takes a special kind of wizard to pull that off, so maybe he deserves a closer look.

We’re first introduced to Radagast in The Hobbit, though only in passing. “Perhaps you have heard of my good cousin Radagast who lives near the borders of Mirkwood?” asked Gandalf in that story. Even Beorn confesses that he was “not a bad fellow as wizards go.”

But really, as readers of Lord of the Rings, this is all we knew about him. He was Gandalf’s cousin (whatever that might mean) and a wizard who lived near…

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