TRAILER – The fellowship is formed…

20140403-080609 pm.jpg

If you’re inferring from the heading that our recent Hobbit re-watch was successful; please accept this imaginary gold star!!

As expected, my passion for J. R.R. Tolkien has been throughly reignited and I’ve decided to catch up on the original trilogy once more. Thankfully my long suffering Honey is quite happy to sit in with me as long as I don’t get wound up by his opinions on the elves.

(See the thing about the Elves is, they’re total dicks. They could help so much but all they do is just sit back, lotus eating, hiding all their medicine, knowledge, even history. Useless gits – and so on)

(He’s now grumbling that he is being misquoted!).

So, we’ve started watching the extended version of the Fellowship of the Ring (HS – I want a hobbit. Can we get a brace of hobbits?) and it’s just as enjoyable now as when I first saw it (HA – why is Bilbo living with the elves? When did that happen?) though I’m finding Liv Attlee as Arwen to be a bit wet (HS – how come he left the ring anyway?).

Right – I can’t keep up with the questions – back to the show!

Here’s the Honest Trailer for the LOTR – my latest YouTube obsession!



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