Lent 2012!

blog-musicA few years ago I decided to undertake the following challenge.
For 2011 I decided that rather than deprive myself of something during the Lenten period, I would rather try and add something.
So, each day I read a piece of poetry, recording the poems – if not my responses to them – on my book blog LeedsBookClub
For 2012, I’ve decided to listen to a piece of classical music for the 44 days of Lent (when you’re not giving something up, I figure you might as well include Sundays!).
If anyone fancies letting me know their thoughts, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment, or contact me on g+ or twitter (@drneevil).

Now I never did actually get round to posting all the songs and my thoughts around them – it was too big a project with a full time job, life, relationship, book clubs and podcasting! However, the unfinished challenge has bugged me more and more as time has gone by.

So I’ve decided to do my best to get the remaining songs up here – albeit it a few years later than intended!


One thought on “Lent 2012!

  1. Great concept! I was a music major in college and was raised on classical music. Haven't listened to any in a decade or more and you've inspired me to re-discover it!

    IMO, it helps to have a bit of historical perspective and listen to pieces in the context of the evolution of music in general. In case you haven't already seen it, Wikipedia has a great concise synopsis: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Classical_music#History

    Baroque seems much less dry when I remember that Bach inspired Mozart, who inspired Beethoven, who inspired Brahms, who inspired John Williams. With each generation, music grew in both complexity and depth of emotion. Odd to think, but each was sort of the Elvis of their day.

    If you are looking for recommendations to fill slots or assistance with the “Things I learned that I don't quite understand” portions, I would be happy to help you on your journey. (@NimbleFinger on Twitter or email chris@nimbledata.net)


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