My favourite things – #2 – (Some of) My Amazing Friends!*

Continuing on my ‘favourites’ theme, here are a few links that always lift my spirit and fill my heart with hope! And giggles.

Anyone who follows Leeds Book Club will know of Book Elf Leeds and of course, Culturally Fixated is co-run with Steve Shooter – but here are some equally inspiring creatives!

Helen Carr

helen carrFull Disclosure – Helen is one of my favourite people in the world. And in a book blogging/podcasting sense, she is technically my (LBC) baby.

Along with blogging about books and life in general at Hello from me to you, Helen also runs a radio book club out of South Leeds Community Radio. She’s an active writer and reviewer for Leeds Book Club and runs LBC Puffins – a book club for adults reading children’s books. Which is just AWESOME.

Ellie Jayden

Ellie Jayden cosplayThe first vlog I ever followed (mostly because Ellie Jayden herself was standing right beside me and showed me how!) on YouTube. Ellie blogs about all sorts of differing things – from fashion to cosplay to these wonderful incredibly articulate rants about various genera/geek topics (soooo much fun!).

Sure, shes stunning, with a natural grace and poise, but you’ll get hooked because she is capital S Smart, funny and brings passion to every topic!

Ellie and I met at a SF convention (multi-con but we bonded over comics and Whedon) and by pure co-in-ci-dink, we’re from the same county in Ireland. I mean, there are only 26 of ’em but still – what are the chances that we’d randomly meet at a geeks fest in Birmingham!

David O’Reilly

david oreilly as sherlock

David is the one dressed as Sherlock…

Our mutual fellow con attending mate Dave was similarly impressed and promptly set up his very own video blog – you’ll find it here on YouTube.

David primarily tackles issues that make him go GRR (indeed, there are now nearly 20 posts entitled ‘What the F**k?’) but where I’d end up a ranting raving drooling mess; David manages to remain cool, collected and logical.

Naturally I sort of hate him for that…but the videos are too well thought out and interesting for me to avoid! Besides, he’s hilarious!

Thomas Ellis

ScarlettTapeTVScarlett – a five part webseries.

I don’t even have words. The pure, green laced ENVY I have for this young man (And he is young. Sickening so) and his extravagantly blatant talent. Ugh. Just…ugh!

And as if writing and directing your own five part web series; then arranging to film and shoot it wasn’t enough of a trial; he’s only gone and made it available on DVD. Oh and there were rumours of a comic at one point (I’m a touch out of the loop on that now).

And now, Thomas has set up his own film business – People Per Hour. He’s one of my con family and a constant source of giddy glee and inspiration!

September McNabb – Pandula 

pandulaWay back in the dark ages, September and I attended primary school together. Now, we have that facebook relationship where you are vaguely aware that the other seems to be doing OK, but have no real contact.

However, in recent months I started to notice these amazing designs creeping across her FB page. Tembi (and friends) now makes jewelry with a particular and unique Southern African influence (as well as an eye towards the environment). As a colour worshipper; I’m utterly mesmerized.

Kirsty Ware – Hello Kirsty

photoHonestly, Leeds just hasn’t been the same since Kirsty first bounced into my life. It’s so much COOLER, SMALLER and BETTER now. Life saver doesn’t even begin to cover it!

Aside from a pathological inability to sit still, K is funny, charming and creative. Additionally, we share two very important obsessions – our favourite Disney princess is Belle (the reader!) and competitively quoting certain essential children’s films from the 80’s – including The Princess Bride and – naturally –  Labyrinth. You see, she reminds me of the babe…

She also runs about half a dozen groups and clubs across Leeds (don’t believe me – check out her Projects page) as well as creating the first unofficial rotation curation accounts – People of UK and Leeds on twitter.

* This is by no means a definitive list of my inspiring mates. I imagine that I’ll be doing a follow up to this in a bit…but I didn’t want to overload the awesome in one post!



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