Presumably most of y’all will have seen this already? It’s been doing the rounds for a bit but I only just sat down and actually watched it through yesterday.

Finally – Cabin and Dollhouse take centre stage!

Of particular enjoyment:
– referencing the so-plausible-it-must-be-true Pixar universe theory*
– four adults (?) having a quasi-intellectual conversation about Whedon in public – with no obvious derision
– appropriate Buffy/Angel/Firefly clippage
– super quick and hilarious Buffy and Angel breakdowns

Things I was less taken by:
– no Much Ado (HELLO? The duke clearly works for da man, with all those shadowy agent looking bodyguards)
– no Doctor Horrible. FOR SHAME!

Check out the special Director and guest writer credits at the end!

*Oh my gods, have you seen the theory about Andy’s mum? And Jesse? And then comes the sobbing!!

Don’t believe me? Read it yourself. And weep.


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VIDEO – The Whedonverse Conspiracy

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