INTERVIEW – Christmas Special 2013 – with Reed Diamond

Culturally Fixated is delighted to welcome back  – by popular demand – the wacky, hysterical and musical
Reed Diamond!
For a Spectacular Musical Extravaganza, otherwise known as the
Cult Fix Christmas Special!!!
Ladies and Gentlemen, there are no words.
We sing, we dance (thankfully not recorded in the podcast), laugh, cry and hurl.
It’s everything you could ever want in a Reed Diamond Christmas Special.
We discuss The Mentalist, Bones, Franklin and Bash as well as his new series Wayward Pines.
That’s the coherent part.
Reed also introduces you to two of his favourite Christmas scamps, sings and plots and plans his wishes for the future. We also put to rest the Turkey/Goose debate, as well as touching upon absurd crowd pleaser Duck sized Horses.
It’s all of the awesome.
Mobile Link
Episode 3.12 – Christmas Special
We’ve very good. Practically not offensive at all.
Nevertheless, those of an especially sensitive nature might want to brace themselves.
Practically nothing. Reed is a man of principle.


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