TV – Royal Pains – theres a new doc in town…

So I’m back watching #RoyalPains after taking most of season 3 and 4 off.
It just felt like the show was fresh and exciting and…

I’m totally lying.

While I do think the show has picked itself up after a very sluggish few seasons and is heading in a (much needed IMHO) new direction…I’m in it strictly for the geek with a crush.

(In fact, I’m only watching it at all because himself was in the middle of an ep when I came in and I recognised Ben Shenkman from the sublime Angels in America and as the ass from Just Like Heaven. Obviously, I then *had* to go back and watch his entrance onwards! His immediate and obvious crush on Divya, alongside his complete inability to cope with it has left me glued!)

Unrequited love, awkward gestures of affection, countless romantic rivals who are actually capable of conversing with the girl in question, retreating to the friend zone like a frightened bird
when it all gets a bit much…

Characters like Jeremiah Sacani are like my catnip!


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