PLUG – Funky Finds Flashback – Scarlett

A twitter mate and convention buddy of mine – @TomEllis19 – has been getting all creative with some pretty awesome results!

Scarlett is a 5 part comedy-drama web series that my bud has written, produced and directed.

Now, I find that to be fairly impressive as it stands. That Tom is ‘merely’ 21 (childling!!!) and happens to be an ME sufferer makes his achievements all the greater!

It’s a tricky one to describe without giving too much away – here spoilers would be terrible! 

Set in the deepest darkest part of North Wales* – Rhyl – Scarlett follows the adventures of a high school boy, the girl of his dreams and a Hollywood star.

There are also ganstas.
You just can’t go wrong with ganstas!

Scarlett also features other local talents – including music, animation and even some high profile cameos!

On the 1st of October, Scarlett was released into the wild, at a rate of one episode per week. After all the hard work and effort, Scarlett was a tremendous success and it appears that a second season is currently in the formulation stages!

WOO HOO for Tom!

View the 1st episode HERE!
View the 2nd episode HERE!
View the 3rd episode HERE!
View the 4th episode HERE!
View the 5th episode HERE!

If you’d be interesting in a screening, be sure to contact Tom on one of the links below or email him at

He’s very chatty.
And he loves to dance.

So make him, whatever objections he raises are only nerves. Honest!

Say howdy on twitter – @ScarlettTapeTv

Or ‘like’ Scarlett on Facebook

The official website –

Press Releases –
Wales Online
The Electric Wire
Blazing Minds – the Premiere

*I’ve never been so this whole sentence is probably a lie. The sun might never set in Rhyl…


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