OMMMMM – One Moment Meditation

Meditation has long been one of those activities that I’ve never really had any success with. Every time I get into a comfortable position, calm my mind and regulate my breathing; it strikes me that sleep – rather than meditation – would better suit my needs. Sometimes, I don’t even get a chance to think it before I doze off!

And – like many other things that don’t come naturally to me – it’s much easier to shrug the vague impulse for peace and quiet down and seek out a new distraction than persevere and develop the skill.

Never mind the fact that I am SOBUSYANDIMPORTANT that I couldn’t possibly set aside a half an hour twice daily to just…sit there and do nothing.

As I told a friend recently; clearly the situation was hopeless and could never be resolved. Obviously, I needed to let go of this ridiculous notion that an oasis of calm in a turbulent day might help and should accept that I am stuck with a more excitable nature.

And – in that funny little way that life has – my mate casually replied that she agreed, that no one had any time to spare and that one minute meditation was the only way to go. This is a technique where a person aims for one moment of meditation at a go. I was intrigued.

Though by no means a fully fledged skeptic; I tend to have reservations about activities that attract great promotion, with no tangible evidence of success. (I’ll also acknowledge when something does impact upon me without any scientific justification – eg Reiki. Works for me. Can’t explain it but it does. Yes, yes, I know.)

Meditation however has been linked to a variety of health benefits – physical, mental and psychological – and has been used in clinical settings to reduce pain and stress.

What do I hope to achieve?
The ‘standard’, I guess.
– a calmer, more reflective me
– better general health
– reduction in stress
– relaxed muscle
– increased attention span
– increased mindfulness
– improved cognitive function
– yadda yadda.

If there are any altered-state-of-consciousness moments, I’ll be delighted…but I can’t see that happening really.

However, as a sleepwalker and talker, I’m hoping that I’ll be able to relax enough that I *don’t* head off for a wander in the middle of the night!

So, I’ve decided to investigate One Minute Meditations – OMM – and shall report back as soon as I can!

One Minute Meditation official website can be found HERE
And say hi to Marty Boroson on twitter @MartinBoroson


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