OMMMMM – Meditation Update – Fly, meet ointment.

Right, so I’m still doing my daily minutes in the morning, with an additional portable minute at some other point in the day. 
So far, so good.
The book arrived and was immediately borrowed by a mate – despite my not even casting a cursory glance over it. Yes, I’m crap, but I figured having someone to talk and compare notes with would be fun and was therefore more important than research.

There’s a point to this nonsense. I promise.  
Then I had a really shite day. Nothing really traumatic happened – it was more an exercise in utter futility. Outside of my own general inability to put one foot in front of the other without tripping over something; the weather was awful; the buses were full and late and something that I’d been really looking forward to was cancelled at the last possible second. Everyone was tired and grumpy and the entire day was just one of life’s little trials. 
This week I’ve been more Hulk SMASH…
So I did my minute. 
It helped a little, I think. 
Then I did another one. 
This time I started to feel a bit frustrated. See, if I’d had the book, I’ve have looked to see if there are longer meditations, using the simple format previously been set out.
I did visit the Oprah website but, to be honest, I couldn’t instantly spot what I was looking for and gave up maybe a little quicker than I should have. 
…then Hulk Chill

The one minutes and portable moments were good at making me find the calm in a particular situation, but I want to be able to control my emotional responses in a longer term way. Perhaps my expectations for this were wrong; I guess I still expected that I would learn a more traditional style – despite it having been clear from the start that this is a totally different approach.

Though I hadn’t picked up on it; I really haven’t been doing this properly. Subconsciously, I’ve created shortcuts that lead to nowhere. I need to be more clear on my own goals and do appropriate research. 

So, back to the drawing board. With a new fresh attitude. 

One Minute Meditation official website can be found HERE

And say hi to Marty Boroson on twitter @MartinBoroson


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