OMMMMM – Meditation Update – Bubbiling away nicely!

While I can’t report any dramatic lifestyle changes; I’m quite enjoying taking a few minutes every morning before work to do my guided minute (I stick my headphones in on the bus and watch the full five minutes video).

Certainly, I feel better immediately after my ‘minute’ and I’m getting used to the idea that meditation can occur quickly anywhere; rather than being a rigmarole that I need to prep for.

I’ve progressed now to the ‘portable’ minute – allowing meditation on the go. Basically, it takes away the need for a time frame. 
During this exercise, you count the number of breaths that you inhale during a guided mediation and use that to direct you during an untimed meditation. This allows for greater flexibility regarding the wheres and when you can take a moment for a minute. From what I can tell, the idea is to keep paring away the time element until its possible to reach calm no matter what’s going on around me. Bring it on!Having tried other guided meditations before, this whole experience has been a pleasant surprise. Rather than the self-consciously exotic chants or overpowering nature sounds that are so often utilised for these exercises, Martin Boroson instead instructs the participant to get used to the real life noises around them and meditate around them. 
It doesn’t read like a big deal, but one of my difficulties with meditation has always been on finding quiet still places. I become overtly aware of any intrusive sounds. It’s hard to reach a place of zen if you’re conscious that you’ve ‘failed’ from the outset to create an ideal peaceful space. Focusing on acknowledging these distractions as being present and unimportant seems to be an easier process for me. 

Regarding any side effects, I do feel a little bit less stressed by the little things – though this might have more to do with my no longer consuming daily in excess of 5 mugs of coffee! 

If anyone else is trying this or any other meditative technique out, I’d love to hear how you’re getting on.


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