VIDEO – Great song, great video…bad advert

‘You’re never alone with a Strand’

A short lived offshoot of Imperial Tobacco, Strand were a brand of cigarettes launched in 1959 with great fanfare and a huge TV advertising campaign.

The advert was simple and atmospheric.

Set on a dark, wet, deserted street in London – with strains from ‘The Lonely Man Theme’ by Cliff Adams in the background – a man, wrapped up in a raincoat, lights up.

After a few reflective puffs, the voice over states ‘You’re never alone with a Strand’.

Such was the popularity of the advert that the instrumental reached 39 in the singles charts. The actor – Terence Brook – became a star.

However, no one actually bought the cigarettes. Apparently, the public associated the brand with loneliness.

I find this to be HILARIOUS.

So I thought I’d share.

Ridiculous Cigarette Adverts from the 60’s:

Video of the song:


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