FRIENDS – Funky Finds the First!

Knowing that I spend about 98% of my waking hours online and that I’m always on the look out for super-cool-fun sites; a mate at work recommended that I check out her brothers photos.*
William is a Leeds local with an eye for detail that I adore. While he has experimented with different styles and techniques; I think I like his abstract and long exposure shots best.

WilliamSchofield – F3

This is a rams head. It just lies about the family home apparently.

Who could fail to be fascinated!

More than that, his creative and colourful shots have inspired me to dig out my own camera and start snapping again. Though his photos are well shot and structured, they are also fun. Inclusion of nights out, travel abroad and family and friends make this a personal rather than a pretentious collection.

So have a root, let me know what you think. As always, I can be tweeted (@DrNeevil) or emailed.

Should anyone have a project they’d like to get William involved in, I shall pass all messages along!

WilliamSchofield – Colour Cow

*How lovely is she! Recommending her brother and all.
Supportive sister SQUEE.


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