GEEK – Yeti Town – my latest addiction!

 A few weeks ago, I downloaded some new games onto my iPhone – looking for something to pass the time. 

Triple town instantly captured my attention. However – it’s rival (and potential rip off – read about the legal case HERE)Yeti Town had a shinier interface and so – like a magpie – I became mesmerized. 

A turn based, single player game; the premise is simple enough. Line three identical objects together to create a new one. Line up three of these new items to unlock or acquire a new one. Each escalation is of higher value and more grand. So – twigs become trees, trees become tents, tents become shacks and so on. 

Complicating the matter slightly are the Yetis which have the power to move and obstruct your progress. However, if you trap them; they turn to ice and become collectible in the way described above – only with a different set of items. 

There are also elusive snowflakes – which act as a third to any pre-existing duo and volcanoes that allow you to clear a tile. Additionally there are other features that can be purchased to permanently be added to the game.  

Rainbow houses – will I ever see you in MY game?

The saddest thing about my latest obsession?

I’m crap!! 

I have no strategic abilities whatsoever. My fella downloaded the game way after me and is constantly unlocking new items!

Pretty things.

That I want. 

It’s the same every single time!! A friend at a recent book club has the game and she too is stratospheric-ally ahead of me. 

Nevertheless, I shall continue to try and start thinking further than three steps ahead. I will prevail. 

Or I’ll lose a lot of time.

One or the other for sure!


Visit the Tiple Town website HERE

Get Yeti Town HERE


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