REVIEW – Mamma Mia

mamma miaThis week I finally went to see Mamma Mia, the film based on the musical, itself based on the songs of ABBA.

Loved it, loved it, loved it!!!
Made me laugh out loud a few times, cry (just the once), cringe (Pierce Brosnan hairy chest, PIERCE BROSNAN’S HAIRY CHEST!!!) and all to a wonderful soundtrack I’m alrady familiar with!!

The story is this. Sophie (Amanda Seyfried, who previously starred in Veronica Mars) and her dippy hippy mother Donna (a far too energetic and divine Meryl Streep) have a blissful if not luxurious life on the Greek island of Kalokari. Sophie is about to get married (not against her mothers wishes, but certainly against her recommendation), and wants her unknown father to walk her down the aisle.
Unfortunately, her mother had been socially active at the time of her conception – as revealed in Donna’s old diary – and there are three potential daddies – Sam, Harry or Bill. So Sophie secretly invites each of the men to her wedding – convinced that as soon as she meets her father, she will innately recognise him…and somehow hide her fathers from her mother!
The three men appear, Sophie frustratingly relates to each of them, and Donna naturally goes a little bit nuts when she finds out that they are all on the island…and staying in her old goat house!
So while Donna tries to hide her past from her daughter, Sophie tries to hide the men from her mother, deduce which of the men is her father, and organise the perfect wedding.
Thankfully both have solid ‘besties’ – lifelong mates who are determined to protect Donna and Sophie from the respective disasters in their lives!

mamma mia gif

And did i mention the ABBA? – tons of it, piles of it – and not just the familiar well known songs (hey – where the hell was fernando – seriously, they played the opening moments – but not included in the film. Haven’t seen the musical yet, so not sure if its in that), some that I knew but only just!

Not that it was faultless – the primary actors were all, you know, actors, and *not* singers, and occasionally a performance was more enthusiastic then melodious.
Still, the cast were stellar – especially the girlfriends of the main character Donna, played by the ever fabulous Julie Walters and Christine Baranski, and the grumpy Stellan Skarsgård (whom I eventually recognised as Barnacle Bill from the Pirates of the Carribean movies – that had been bugging me for the first half of the film).
I had read a few reviews prior to seeing the film, criticims included the singing ability…or lack thereof…in some of the primary actors, and that the plot was thin, and utilised overly saccarine elements. To those, I can only respond with 😛 bleurgh. It’s a musical, based on ABBA songs – I think that they might have missed the point!

mamma mia gif 02

This was a joyous sumptous effort – full of primary colours, glorious scenery and backdrops – sure there were elements that were a bit camp…an entire island bursts into song for example – three grown men singing at the drop of a hat…but wasn’t that to be expected? It was fun in cinema format!
I certainly didn’t think – ABBA songs, hmm this is going to be a thought provoking, life changing experience – related through song…no, i thought that it would be girly, and that I would probably walk out of the cinema with a desire to re-find my Gold collection!!

And I did – it did exactly what it said on the tin!!!

I’d definatly recommend it to my mates, and will probably end up with it in the dvd collection at some point!!



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